Nozawa Onsen Stamp-trail (¥454)

Enjoy a visit to several scenic and historic sites, enjoy the taste of spa resorts and bring back fantastic memories.

This Stamp-trail is different and unique.
Use special papers together, light blue paper on top and white one underneath.
When you get to each point place the papers together on the metal board and rub it with the stick.
When you rub it, hold the papers and make sure the papers don't move.
After you collect 10 stamps on your notebook, bring it to the Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association.
You will receive Original Nozawa onsen towel (more than 10 prints) or Soto-Yu Japanese towel (more than 20 prints) as a gift.

*** About Stamp-trail in winter ***
Due to snow, you might not be able to collect some stamps in winter season. Please ask us or at your place of accommodation.