Hotspring Nozawa-onsen

Nozawa-onsen townHot water flows from the earth. The history of Nozawa-onsen dates back to the days when people started using such hot water flowing from the earth. Although there are many onsen in Japan, most of them have been excavated and exploited artificially. “Naturally flowing” onsen such as Nozawa are rare in Japan. Thus Nozawa-onsen is considered one of Japan’s best in terms of both the quality and the quantity of hot water.

At the foot of 1,650-meter Kenashi-yama, an ancient volcano that erupted several million years ago, there are many ryokan (Japanese-style inns) and other accommodation facilities. The village has focused on environmental improvement, and it is now a popular hot spring resort. There are a lot of big and small eateries and souvenir shops in a compact area, and the streets are narrow and winding, with barely enough space for cars to pass. But such streets are places where you can enjoy the very traditional atmosphere of an onsen town with hot spring steam coming from the earth here and there. For those who would really like to enjoy Nozawa-onsen, we recommend these attractive narrow streets as true tourist spots.

There are 30 or more gensen—places where hot spring water flows from the earth—in the village, and 13 communal Soto-yu bathhouses in the onsen district, which can be used free-of-charge.

Introduction to Nozawa-onsen