Nozawa-onsen Ski Resort

Nozawa-onsen Ski Resort
Nozawa-onsen village is located in the north of Nagano prefecture, and has been designated a part of Joshin’etsu Kogen National Park thanks to its beautiful scenery.

Nozawa-onsen ski resort extends from the 1650-meter peak of Kenashi-yama to the mountain’s foot, for an altitudinal range of 1,085 meters and a total area including ski slopes and courses of 297 hectares. It is ranked as one of Japan’s top ski resorts in terms of size, history, and snowfall. Plenty of 100% natural high quality snow—often very dry powder—makes skiing possible well into the warm month of May.

Ski slopes are connected by a total of 21 lifts and other facilities, including 7 high-speed lifts. There are 36 ski slopes including the exciting Snow Park, and an extremely long course of 3,500 meters. With its variety of slopes and courses, Nozawa-onsen Ski Resort is suitable for everyone from advanced skiers to beginners and families, and can be fully enjoyed by both skiers and snowboarders.

Ski slopes


Olympics Nozawa-onsen-mura has so far produced 15 Olympians, including Mr. Kono Takanori, who won the gold medal in the Nordic combined at the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992.

When the Nagano Winter Olympics was held in 1998, the biathlon was held at Nozawa-onsen.

The Ski Museum here exhibits gold, silver, and bronze medals as well as ski equipment used by athletes (see the photo at left).

Strolling around the onsen district, you may spot manhole covers bearing the Olympic symbol.