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Dear valued customer inquired in any foreign language,


Thank you very much for your inquiries.

For communicating smoothly, please contact Nagano Multilingual Call Center as indicated below, and ask the staff to put you through to Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association.


NAGANO Multilingual Call Center

+81-92-687-5289 (24/7/365 untill 30th September 2018, English/Korean/Chinese/Thai/Bahasa Indonesia/German/French/Italian/Russian/Spanish/Portuguese/Vietnamese/Nepalese/Tagalog/Malay)

0120-691-792 (domestic call)

Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association (Nozawa Onsen Tourist Information Center)

0269-85-3155 (From 8:00 to 17:30 for everyday)

Or please inquire by email if you are not in a hurry.

**Dear valued customer inquired by email,

We will respond to all of your inquiries within 2-3 working days. Please make sure followings if you don't receive any response from us. 

1) Delivered into unwanted mail box

There are many cases that free e-mail software especially such as Hotmail and Gmail are delivered into un-wanted mail box.

2) The sequence of blocked domains is set

If sequence of blocked domains is set, there will be the case you cannot receive our e-mail

Please set it to be able to receive

3) Mail address error

Please check your e-mail address again before submits. 


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association

Useful APP Information

NAGANO NAVI; Nagano Prefecture Sightseeing and Transportation guide app

Safety Tips; the push-enabled information alert app for international tourists