About Image Offer

About Image Offer

For the people who can promote Nozawa Onsen widely, we lend images for tourism promotion. After checking lending conditions below, please find your favorite images among image lists on the webpage (now displayed only in Japanese) and contact us. After confirmation, we will send a real size image via e-mail. (within at least 3 working days)

If you don't have any favorite images in the list, please let us know your desired image.  In some cases the image may not be available, but we will send the uppermost image that meets your need.

Lending Conditions
The lending conditions on using tourism promoting photos or the image data are as follows.

1. To promote tourism of Nozawa Onsen widely and contribute to its image enhancement.

2.It is free to use the photograph material for tourism promotion in a commercial brochure, but the act to sell the product (include data and printed matter) whose pictures themselves are the value to a third party and earn price is prohibited.

3.If applicable below, the use is declined firmly. 

Publication to the medium including contents against public order and morals. 
Publication to the medium which might infringe right, property or privacy of another person. 
Publication to a medium against public order and moral. 
The use as the logo mark of a company or a group.
The use for the purpose of the second distribution of image material itself.(Regardless of processed or unprocessed, it is declined.)
Prohibit sale and distribution of the product made of our company's material as one's work.
4.Prohibit reproduction, reprinting, redistribution, transfer,modification of all the image data without permission.
When the problem in the copyright occurs by having used image data without permission, a user shall take the responsibility.
5.At the moment when you applied for an image, you are considered to agree to our lending conditions.

6.Please send us part of the made-up printed matter as a sample.
Or please let us know the URLs of articles and webpages which are used in content.

***Dear people who want to request the images of the Fire Festival,
When you request the images of the Fire Festival could you please give us the capitions or articles that you will use? This is to avoid misunderstandings. The festival does NOT allow all-you-can-drink sake nor non-villagers' participation.
We only accept offers of the images when the captions and articles are appropriate.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.
Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association

誠にお手数ですが、申し込みの際、道祖神祭り画像を使う際の キャプションや記事を併せてお知らせ頂きます様お願いいたします 。 これは酒飲み放題や火付けが自由参加であるという誤解を防ぐため です。 そのキャプションや記事に誤解のない場合にのみ画像の貸出を許可 いたします。 皆様のご理解を賜ります様よろしくお願いいたします。