Regarding the Dosojin Fire Festival

Regarding the interviews and report coverage on the day of the Dosojin Festival 
In regard to the interviews and report coverage on the day of the Dosojin Festival, due to the security purpose and coverage preparations, please let us know and make your coverage application in advance. If you do not do so, we may refuse your interview and report coverage. Also please note that you cannot make your coverage application on the day of the festival. 
We are sorry to tell you that only a person who can speak and communicate in Japanese or a person with Japanese interpreter will be allowed to interview and do reporting. 
(This is due to the person in charge cannot speak any foreign languages.)
For how to apply, the requirements, and N.B, please contact us.

**Due to our festival management administration affairs, the images of Dosojin festival are not publicised. We appreciate your understanding.

To Tourists attending to the Dosojin Fire Festival
Please use following parking lots to park your vehicles.

For your own vehicles tourists
1.Parking lot across the Community Center (on town guide map B-5)
  This lot is for standard size vehicles only. No tour bus allowed.
  Available after 6:00 PM (free), but no overnight parking allowed.
  Please do not block entrance and exit.

2.Shinden Parking Deck (on the map C-7) and Nakao Parking (on the map A-11)
  Overnight visitors and visitors who need parking from/during the daytime may use these parking lots (toll parking).

For tour bus tourists
1.Shinden Terminal (map C-7)
  This lot is for tour bus only. No standard size vehicles allowed.
  Parking fee: 2000 yen/bus (day use)
  *Please load at entrance when Shinden Terminal is full and park at Nakao Parking (on the map A-11) after loading.
2.Chuo (Central) Terminal (on the map D-6)
  Please use Chuo Terminal as loading zone only, park at Shinden Terminal or Nakao Parking after loading.
  Chuo Terminal opens until 9:30 PM. Chuo Terminal is blocked after 9:30 PM.

Town guide map download

For Representative of the fire festival tour
We appreciate that you state your company name, contact number, the representative name and number of bus in advance. We don't receive parking reservation beforehand, please park at Shinden Terminal or Nakao Parking on the day.

For all tourists
No cans and bottles are allowed in the Fire Festival venue.
This is because cluttered mess and prevention of being thrown cans and bottles in the venue.

For foreign tourists
Please bring something show your accommodation. Ex) Business card, Brochure
Especially for the tourists who is staying at NOT Nozawa Onsen, be sure to bring the something show your accommodation, please.
We appreciate for your cooperation about above to person who got lost and falling-down drunk.

"Omiki" (Sacred sake) will not be offered to the visitors. This sacred sake is an offering for the God, Dosojin. There is no free sake provided.

At the Dosojin Fire Festival, only the villagers participate in "Hitsuke" (lighting a fire). 
Observation only for visitors.

We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation. 
Please contact the Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association for any questions.

Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association
Tel: 0269-85-3155 / Fax: 0269-85-3883