akuto-yuAn ashiyu is a facility where people can easily enjoy hot spring water simply by rolling up the bottoms of their trousers and just soaking their feet without taking off their clothes.

These is an ashiyu called “Akuto-yu” just in front of the O-yu bathhouse.

In Japan, it is often said that, at communal onsen bathhouses as well as at bathrooms at home, “half immersion bathing”—soaking only the lower half of the body—is good for the health. This is because soaking one’s whole body in hot water applies water pressure to the body, which may cause too much burden on the heart and the lungs.
You may have noticed that soaking in lukewarm water in a relaxed manner warms you from the core of your body, whereas soaking in hot water for just a short period of time doesn’t provide this sort of effect. In the case of ashiyu, you can enjoy the hot spring water for longer in a more relaxed position. And it’s quite easy to take ashiyu because all you have to do is take off your shoes and roll up your trousers.
And you may know that full immersion bathing consumes quite a lot of energy. So when you are on your way home from a trip, Ashiyu may be the ideal way of bathing. It moderately removes your fatigue, refreshing you before you go home.



How to use ashiyu

ashi-yuFor ashiyu, the most effective water temperature is 42 to 43 degrees Celsius, slightly hotter than an ordinary bath.

Soak your feet and legs up to about ten centimeter below your knees for ten to twenty minutes. When your forehead starts to sweat a little, it’s time to leave.




Positive effects of ashiyu

ashi-yuSoaking your body in hot water causes your blood vessels to expand and stimulates your blood flow. This helps to quickly discharge substances that accumulate in your muscles and cause fatigue, and activates your metabolic capacity.

This is believed to provide relief for poor circulation, swollen legs and painful migraine headaches.